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Finish Line Coatings - The Leader in Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings

Finishline is the leader in Custom Ceramic Thermal Barrier finishes for automotive and industrial purposes.

Whether it be exhausts, turbos, brakes, chassis or engine parts, Finishline delivers the best coatings -- guaranteed.


This Bonneville Salt Flats and California dry lakes race car was a 36 year building project. Russ Meeks, the builder-owner, started the car in 1967 when he moved back to Oregon from California. We  race in the XO/Modified Roadster class. The X means "vintage" and the O indicates "over head valve inline" 6 or 8 cylinder engines - up to year 1959.

The car body  is polished aluminum  all hand built by Russ and is an exact reproduction  1923 "T" Roadster. The tube chassis is chrome moly that exceeds all racing sanction body safety specs. The engine is a 322  cubic  inch 1952 GMC inline "6", transmission is a 4-speed B & J and the rear end is a 9" Ford with a "Jones" quick change.

All of Finishline's coatings have been used and tested on this car....Header coatings, internal engine coatings, bearing and brake coatings- all  have enabled this car to be the current Bonneville and Muroc Dry Lake record holder.It is continually under going changes in order to test and improve our products for the consumer.

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